Recent Ramble: Rookie’s 1st Night Ride

Went for a ride through DC last night with Russ and Shane aka Rookie. Being Rookie’s first time out with us for an evening joyride, we did the default route around the monuments. Started at the Capitol, hit Jefferson, MLK, Lincoln, and the White House. Between making plans about riding NYC, making friends with Pittsburgh tourists (until Shane scared them away), nipply weather…it felt really good to be out again. Here are 4 of the many reasons why evening joyrides are kickass:

  1. NO TRAFFIC! Yeah they aren’t there. Well at least, there are significantly less cars rolling around the DC Central Business District at around 10pm. 10pm in Adams Morgan? Different story. 
  2. NO PEOPLE! No mobs of tourists crossing the street or clogging the sidewalks around the Washington Monument and the Mall. Not that I don’t like tourists. I actually love tourists. I just don’t like scaring them half to death while riding the bicicleta. Or moving at a snails pace because the combination of cars plus people make it nearly impossible to get rolling. Which brings me to #3.
  3. The monuments by night. I’ve lived here my whole life and it never gets old. I’m a local tourist. Every time I’m on the metro to and from work, riding through the city day or night, I feel lucky to call this place my home.
  4. And lastly. Night joyrides make you feel like a badass.

There you have it.


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