Bike to Work Day 2013

Rosslyn pit stop

Happy Bike to Work Day! I love cycling events that take over the city, and more than that, I have a deep deep love for FREE STUFF. T-shirts, bike lights, reflectors, bananas, bagels, maps, stickers, pins… I want it all.  This year my pit stop was Rosslyn, VA – Gateway Park. Gateway Park is located at the end of the Key Bridge, steps away from Georgetown and the Mt. Vernon trail. The turnout was great.

While wandering Gateway Park, I was interviewed by Gripped Films for a documentary about cycling in the DC area… I really hope I didn’t make a fool out of myself. I don’t remember muchof what I said or if it made sense at all. I do remember a couple of questions the director asked, first question, “what advice would you give women who want to get into cycling?” well…in my head I thought, “what kind of question is this…” I always saw cycling as a sport, activity, means of transportation, and lifestyle that catered to everyone. “…I’d tell women not to be scared… to get out on the road and be present at all times.” Thats what I said. Perfect, not quite the answer I was going for. Second question, “why is it so important to have the city behind you as a cyclist?” I honestly don’t remember what my answer was, but it did touch on topics like safer commutes, bike lanes, family outings and the environment. Fantastic, again, not the answer I was going for. This isn’t Miss America, Tats.

Wandering on…Apollo looked quite handsome among the crowd, and I got tons of questions about riding fixed with one break. “I like your bike, woah, one break?”, “Is that safe?” or “How do you stop?”.  “Thank you! Yep, one break!”, “Well it’s not the safest, but it works!”, and “Its all in the legs, they kind of have a weird way of defending me in a sticky situation.”… my answers, respectivley. I got asked way to many questions in a timeframe of 30minutes, so I stuffed my mouth with a Luna bar.

While grubbing on a banana, I met a commuter from Germantown, MD who converted a beautiful Bianchi cross bike into single speed. He got me thinking about a possible summer project, I just need to find an old pair of wheels.

What a great way to start the day. What a great way to start everyday. Cheers and Happy Bike to Work Day!


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