June Critical Mass

BicycleSpace puts together a rad critical mass every month(?), with this ride being my second and largest one thus far. Last month’s perk was the free dinner and this month was the ice cream. Have I mentioned how much I love free shit? And free food at that! Sadly, tonight, I wasn’t in the mood for waiting in a line of 200+ hungry riders anxiously awaiting their ice cream prize, when all I really wanted was a cup of water.

I enjoy these critical mass rides for many reasons, I could sit here all day typing away about bike advocacy, health, the environment… world peace…the meaning of life… But the first thing that came to mind was the DC cycling community. Holy cow, DC! Holy camaraderie! It’s a nice sense of pride being a part of something big. People with bikes help people with bikes. It’s that simple. It’s nice listening to people’s stories of how and why cycling is so integrated into their daily lives. I especially enjoy the cycling stories of all the different cities and countries people have visited or lived. I’m so intrigued by the terrain that lies beyond DC. Here are some photos to cap the night:

Beard envy.

Naner cargo.

The ultimate cycling shoe.

Cheers to a solid night. Happy riding everyone!


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