Recent Ride: Manhattan Waterfront Greenway

Finally! A chance to hear my own thoughts and let the typing ensue. Last I left off I was super excited to go for a ride around Manhattan with my uncle from Austin, TX. I didn’t know what to expect and that was the exciting part, plus I’ve been itching for new terrain.

But really…who knew Manhattan was so hilly!? Hills on hills on hills. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but I didn’t expect half the inclines that we pushed. Parts of the greenway reminded me of Rock Creek Park, older trails that evolved into amateur MTB courses. The combo of 2 hours of sleep the night before + the pro racer pace my uncle had set + the sun being so damn close to the earth + gears(i really need to get with the times) = a pooped tats. But after almost every ride (ALMOST), I’m proud of the push. I loved taking in the new sights of NY and experiencing the city on wheels.

Cheers! Happy riding, stay cool.


3 thoughts on “Recent Ride: Manhattan Waterfront Greenway

  1. are you allowed to take bikes via bus (bolt or megabus?) always wanted to give biking a try in ny (i’d probably get lost miserably)

    • yeah, you are allowed. They count as your 1 “luggage” under the bus. I was going to take mine up, but my uncle ended up renting one for me. If I were to take my bike up, I’d probably invest in a bike travel case to prevent mean dentage.

      You want to do a tri in ny? That’s sweet, you should.

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