Well! That was a fun hiatus. August was taken over by my family, and unfortunately, my bike doesn’t have enough seats to hold close to 20 people. Lame excuse, but August didn’t see crazy pedal action, except your occasional evening ride to CVS.

Between then and now, much has happened in terms of bike repairs, bike shop visits, bike finds, new spots for hangage. It feels pretty good to be back. Since I’m not a gal of many words, I’ll try to keep this recap short, not for you, but mainly because my attention span is awfully short. Numbers and photos help:

1. An old ass bike at the Air & Space museum.

2. Another hot as hell ride. Documenting my inappropriate attire: khakis. Let’s talk about swamp ass.

3.  Cousin Abby on a stationary capital bike.

4. This gave me a good laugh. Hahahahahaha. The reads you find at Urban Outfitters.

5.  An ugly fucking dent in my rim. Don’t know how it got there, all I know is that it made the most annoying clanking noise so loud that I’m pretty positive the aching sound woke up all of capitol hill. Tears, so many tears.

6. Left it at the doctor’s aka BicycleSPACE for a quick fixin. (see what I did there). Got back the babes back, lookin sexy mo lexy. Completely replaced rear wheelset.

And there you have it, I busted a recap in this bitch. Cheers, and happy riding!


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