new bar plug, homemade thanks to a bottle of whiskey.


DC Bike Party Pride Ride

I always get caught in group photos as the only person accidently looking in the direction of the camera. Exhibit B, above. Exhibit A, here.

Dammit, this was fun. DC Bike Party Pride Ride was this past Wednesday, and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to launch pride festivities this weekend. [check Shane, left]

Did I mention it was a Wednesday?

Ended the night at Cobalt to techno beats and the wonderful smell of sweaty and wet bodies. All great. Nice work DC Bike Party.


Evening Rambles

I can feel the heat. Swamptown is upon us.

Solo smooth ride yesterday evening down to the Capitol.  I wanted to break in the shnazzy Kinfolk kit that I purchased last summer (it took thousands of months for it to arrive). Caught the sunset and it was bootiful. Also, spotted DCPD help a youth with his flat and chain, it warmed my heart, you go DCPD, you did good.

Cheers, and happy riding!

Tour De Fat 2014

Well this was fun. Had an early start with Russ Saturday morning, so we took an indirect route to Navy Yard to kill some time . We cut down through Columbia Heights, Shaw, hung a left somewhere in Penn Quarter and crossed town from there. Took a pit stop for some caffeine at Pound where I accidently swiped some yoga woman’s ass while waiting in line. I talk with my hands, it’s going to happen.  I will probably and accidently touch your butt. I’m sorry.

Tour de Fat was great, and we couldn’t  ask for better weather. Couldn’t find our frog lights, but we did find a cup of beer, patch of grass and a hilarious fashion show. Tour de Fat is weird. Good weird. Great weird.

Grabbed some foods at Union Market (Red Apron makes a killer meatball sandwich), headed home and porched. Solid. Cheers to fun bike events, happy riding through the short lived none-swamp town!

also – dc bike party pride ride is tomorrow night. I am excite. Come out y’all. (see what I did there)

Memorial Day Weekend

Solid ride this weekend with Kate, Niks and Russ. Started in Rosslyn and picked up the Mt. Vernon trail to Old Town. Couldn’t have asked for better weather! Surprisingly, the trail was for the most part clear, compared to non holiday weekends, where its like riding through Times Square… on a sidewalk. It was Kate’s first time on a bike in 8 years and big props, she was a champ.

I’m itching for a long ride. Who’s down.
Fun read: BYT DC Bike Guide

Cheers urrone, and happy riding!

a different route

Normally I’ll stick to the road and cut through Dupont and Georgetown to get to work, however, this morning on a whim, somehow I landed here. Cut through Dupont and around the Kennedy Center to the Mt. Vernon trail. I didn’t even realize there was a bike trail in front of the Kennedy Center, sneaky sneaky. For the most part, I plan my route based on the way I’d take by car. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. This was a nice change and pretty view, but I think I’ll stick to the road.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I had a wonderful experience with a garbage truck and a collector this morning riding down R. And I’m not being sarcastic. They were very respectful on the morning commute, that is all. You go DC, you go.

Cheers, and happy riding!


it’s there somewhere. i think.
it’s been a solid week in riding.
using the saddle as a de-stresser.
it works. try it out. 

I’m thinking I might need new shoes…

Yeah, I don’t get this. I got yelled at by a cop today for not adhering to traffic laws today. Look at my bike lane. Look at it. 

A rad bunch in front of the Jefferson Memorial. 

A solid week in riding. There’s really no adhesive to this recap. My b.